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We would like to introduce you to our innovative, practical and modern FLEX-1 Outdoor Motion Sensor

Wired or Wireless

More Coverage

Waterproof IP66

Dual/Single Modes

18 Month Warranty

Introducing Us

Complete security for your home, business, and family.

With ever increasing high crime rate in South Africa due to a number of circumstances, everyone needs some sort of a security system nowadays.

It’s time for us to think in a new and creative way in reducing costs when setting up a security system. This is where OTTOtech comes in.

Why Choose Us

Your safety is our priority

Here at OTTOtech, we are committed to creating innovative solutions to ensure the safety of people in their home or work environment.

The benefits of the product

Security solutions for your work and home​

The FLEX-1 Outdoor Motion Sensor is an outdoor dual/single zone sensor that can cover a distance of 18m at an angle of 90⁰ on either side.
Unlike traditional outdoor sensors, the Flexi-1 Motion Sensor can swivel in the middle, allowing it to be mounted on a corner of a structure and cover both sides at an angle of 270⁰.
The sensor can also be mounted flat, covering an angle of 180⁰.

Aesthetic Design

18 Months Warranty

Professional Security System

Secure Your Place From All Corners


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