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Outdoor motion sensors are your real first line of defense when there is an intruder. Most households and businesses resort to alarm systems for protection however, outdoor security sensors can get quite expensive.

It’s time for us to think in a new and creative way in reducing costs when setting up a security system.

This is where OTTOtech comes in. We would like to introduce you to our innovative, practical, and modern FLEX-1 Outdoor Motion Sensor:

Our Product

Our Product

FLEX-1 Outdoor Motion Sensor

The FLEX-1 Outdoor Motion Sensor is an outdoor dual/single zone sensor that can cover a distance of 18m at an angle of 90⁰ on either side.
Unlike traditional outdoor sensors, the Flexi-1 Motion Sensor can swivel in the middle, allowing it to be mounted on a corner of a structure and cover both sides at an angle of 270⁰.
The sensor can also be mounted flat, covering an angle of 180⁰.

What's the Advantages?

More coverage:

  • Cover more areas with just one sensor.
  • Install a single sensor compared to the normal 2-sensor installation to cover a corner of a building.

Pet-friendly Unit:

  • The sensor can be adjusted to not detect pets.

Less labour, time, and materials:

  • Reduce labour costs and installation time.
  • Fewer installation materials.
  • Reduced conduits, wiring, and other installation materials result in less carbon footprint.


  • FLEX-1 is compatible with all alarm systems available on the market.
    *NB* for wireless alarm systems you have to connect a wireless interface of that particular system. Normally it will be a wireless door sensor that integrates 3rd party devices.

Dictation Range and Installation

  • Long dictation range (18m) compared to the common 12m range.
  • Flexible mounting height from 1m to 2m.

Aesthetic Design:

  • FLEX-1 sensors cover is designed with hide-away screw plugs for an aesthetic appearance.
  • Proudly South African Product!

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